Long Term Wealth Accumulation Strategies Course

Building wealth over a lifetime is difficult, but maintaining it can be even more challenging. Short term uncertainties with tax rates, economic cycles, geopolitical events, interest rates and many other factors can disproportionately influence your long term decisions if you let them.

In this course, we’ll cover some fundamental principles of putting together a solid strategy for wealth accumulation and long term retention. You may be familiar with som of these ideas, but for the average investor, many of these topics may be new concepts.

Course Content

Part 1: Challenges To Wealth

Part 2: Your Tax Free Vault

Part 3: Whole Life Insurance

Part 4: Indexed Universal Life

Part 5: Utilizing Your Private Vault

Part 6: Accelerated Benefits

Leverage Through Premium Finance

Discover how you can use premium finance options to supercharge your life insurance. Over the long term, leverage can help you maintain your current lifestyle during retirement, make bulletproof plans for long term care, and pass along wealth to your heirs.

Course Content

Premium Finance